Hotel The Box Riccione: Completely Personalized Realization

The philosophy of the The Box hotel chain revolves around a simple concept: less, but better.

At the heart of the company’s strategy lies a simple question: what do people really need when they are away from home? Comfort, aesthetics and connection are at the forefront of each project. We had the pleasure to participate in creating a space that is all of these things… In 2018, the abandoned Hotel Sixty in the Italian seaside town of Riccione was given a new life as The Box after the eight month long renovation.

Interior details at The Box Riccione

International Eclecticism: Lebanon, Poland, Italy

The spacious public areas and hotel rooms are equipped with an eclectic mix of unique furniture and accessories from all over the world. The decor is created with the help of hand-made brass lamps made by the Lebanese lighting company PSLab, bedside tables by Moroso, Knoll seats and our Polish furniture by 366 Concept. One of the most important spaces in the hotel is a restaurant MAD Meet And Drink. It is located on the ground floor, where both hotel guests and city residents can have breakfast, meet for a cocktail or enjoy a fusion dinner.

Collaboration from Paris

We have met the owners of The Box in Paris. We talked about the design of the hotel, which will remain fresh for much longer than the 7 year industry average. The owners wanted the design of The Box Riccione to be unique and timeless. Our furniture ideally felt into place, as it already carries over 50 years of history.

366 Concept x The Box: 366% dedication

For The Box Hotel, we have prepared a fully dedicated series of furniture with unique engravings and personalized combination of fabrics – the colorful hound stocks that perfectly match the Mediterranean climate. We have used special fabrics and outdoor foams to make the outdoor furniture resistant to weather conditions, the wood color was also matched especially for the project. There are over 50 pieces of our furniture in the hotel, including 366 Armchairs, Fox Armchairs and Sofas, as well as 200-190 Chairs, standing in the conference room with our favourite inscription: offline is the new luxury.