About Us

Although we make furniture, we are not an ordinary furniture company. We are a design brand that puts creativity and soul into everything we do. As a brand, we are spreading the tradition and beauty of Polish Design. We want to share our passion through our soulful pieces with the touch of history. We only reissue the premium Icons of Polish Mid-Century Design.

Discover the story of 366 Concept

Year 1960 – This is when it all begins. Józef Chierowski designed the most popular piece of Polish Mid-Century furniture – 366 Armchair. Józef Chierowski was interior and piano designer, lecturer at University of Art in Wrocław, Józef Chierowski jumped at the opportunity. That was when the chair’s potential first manifested itself.

Thanks to its minimalist design and lightweight wooden construction, it was an instant success, soon to be found in almost every office, café and restaurant in Poland. The 366 Armchair was manufactured for over 20 years. Despite such success, this masterpiece never had the chance to be noticed outside of the Poland.

In 2014, following a hiatus of over 30 years, 366 Concept decided its time has come. After securing exclusive licensing rights, we reissued this forgotten icon of Polish mid-century design, based on the original drawings from the 60s. Our name comes from our flagship product – the 366 Armchair.

Feel the Mid-Century Atmosphere