Art Deco: Symmetry,
Planarity, Simplicity

Have you ever wondered what design style matches your interior? We will try to help you! We have prepared a short post about Art Deco and at the end we have some tips for you. So let’s begin!

What characterizes Art Deco?

Art Deco is a mix of many different architectural styles. It was strongly influenced by Cubist forms – that’s why it’s so geometrical. Not using much wood or other natural materials (no metal, jade or ivory) is one of its most characteristic features. Art Deco objects often showcase simple, clean shapes, you can usually find very rounded looks. Ornaments are the domain of Art Deco – you can find them everywhere. They can be geometric or stylised on florals, animals and sunrays.

The history of Art Deco

Art Deco first appeared in France before World War I. It all started in 1901 with the Society of Decorative Artists. For years it was influenced by Cubism, Bauhaus and Art Nouveau. Art Deco also found inspiration in American Indian, Egiptian and early Classical sources as well as in nature. It became the first international style.

Art Deco Inspirations

What can you do to make your home look Art Deco? Concentrate on shapes – geometry and symmetry are important if you want to transform your home into a real Art Deco interior. Colors and rich decors – try to use metallic decorations (like gold, silver or brass). Notice that Art Deco interiors are very colourful, try to connect your colours.