At 366 Concept – Retro Furniture, we have established a rich tradition of handmade quality and craftsmanship. We are proud to work with skilled artisans and craftspeople. Together, we produce authentic designs of incomparable quality with an attention to detail. The result? Stunning furniture that will stand the test of time, beautifully.

Ash Wood

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200-190 Series
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Marble Tables

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Oak Wood

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366 Metal
366 Tables

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Excellence requires time – the wood ages for a minimum of 7 years. Still, it is worth the wait. Properly dried and aged wood becomes perfectly malleable and deformity-resistant, ready to satisfy generations of users.

We strive to ensure our products are as close to nature as possible, sustainably sourced and manufactured. All our glues, varnishes and polishes are water-based.

366 Concept is a company rooted in relationship with nature. We love the woods and their intoxicating scent, always striving to give back more than we take. Therefore, every time you click “buy”, we set out to plant a new tree. For future generations.



Natural beauty of wood

366 Concept uses natural wood and wood by-products to create their furniture. However, wood grain is a product of nature, and much like a fingerprint, no two grain patterns are ever exactly alike. This uniqueness is one of the most appealing aspects of wood products. Soil and climate affect the growth patterns of wood. The finest hardwoods have certain natural characteristics that cannot be erased during the finishing process.

These characteristics are apparent and are not to be misinterpreted as defects. Wood is a product of nature, and as such will display natural characteristics and variances that are unique to each and every cut. These characteristics are an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood – no two pieces are alike.

End grain

End grains appear darker, as more of the stain is absorbed due to the softness of the wood. This is most commonly seen on the Mortise and Tenon jointed doors. This is a natural reaction when the stain is applied. This is not considered a defect

Natural discoloration

366 Concept uses solely the finest, furniture-grade hardwood. We guarantee that it is well dried and very durable. Because such hardwood is a product of nature, variations in color and grain are to be expected. Some kinds of wood have unique grain characteristics that may cause the final finish to look darker in certain areas, or exhibit minor brighter spots or other discolorations of undetermined cause.

Color variation

Our water-based stain finishes are semi-transparent, as to enhance the natural beauty and character of our products. Color may vary based on the primary wood products.


Wood continues to age in your home. As it does so, it darkens. For those who appreciate the unique features that wood products offer, this transformation will continue to bring rich luster to the furniture as time goes on.