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Get to know better the real Icon of Polish Design, which continuously graces the interiors of timeless design admirers. Discover the history behind 366 Armchair - a seemingly small, but extremely comfortable design by Józef Chierowski, which has been enchanting continuously for 60 years.

Józef Chierowski in his studio, source: private photo archive of the Chierowski family

Both the beginnings of the history of 366 Armchair and the first months of Józef Chierowski as a furniture designer did not seem to herald such an unusual course of events. His workplace at the time, which was the Lower Silesian Furniture Factory in Świebodzice, specialized in production of massive wardrobes, round folding tables and couches. Their character significantly differed from the internal design aspirations and ideas of Chierowski, which were mockingly called “goat-leg stools” and produced in negligible quantities. His vision of designing economical, simple forms of furniture was facing a huge lack of understanding at the time.

Czesława Chierowska - designer's wife, source: private photo archive of the Chierowski family

The first produced 366 Armchair, source: private photo archive of the Chierowski family

The situation was dramatically changed by unexpected events in 1962. Lower Silesian Furniture Factory in Świebodzice had to face the fatal consequences of a fire, which resulted in the destruction of the production halls and machinery park. At that time, the company began to look for a solution that would help make up for the financial losses incurred - simple in form and production, consisting few materials and created from what was actually available. In those circumstances, Jozef Chierowski was the one, who came with the solution in the form of the
366 Armchair project.

Factory decided that its extreme simplicity and modern ergonomics would be the fastest option to get on the production line. Thanks to that, The potential of the 366 Armchair revealed itself for the first time. With its minimalist design and lightweight wooden construction, it became an instant success and soon found its way into almost every office, café and restaurant in Poland and was considered as one of the most beloved pieces of furniture of the 1950s and 1960s.

366 Armchair / Shine Velvet Coll. - Mustard 

366 Armchair / Boucle Coll. - Creme 

The design of the 366 Armchair impresses with its simplicity and thoughtful ergonomics. It consists of two components: an upholstered seat on a frame and a frame of legs. The main element of the composition is the upholstered seat combined with the backrest into one part, made on a frame of seven elements. Its only decorations are buttons and kedar - modest, even ascetic details for the time. The shapely and comfortable seat is supported by legs located on the sides, the shape of which can be compared to scissors. Delicate bevels and legs tapering downwards add dynamics to the composition. According to the original design, the connection between the legs and the seat structure was meant to be hidden, but the lack of technical possibilities meant that the then-produced 366 Armchair was characterized by visible screws. The legs are topped with an armrest with a rounded shape, characteristic for the style of the 1960s. It is also interesting to note that 366 Armchair was one of the first pieces of furniture on the Polish market to have synthetic upholstery foam filling.

366 Armchair / Velvet Coll. - Red Brick 

366 Junior Armchair / Velvet Coll. - Red Brick

The 366 Armchair was continuously produced for more than 20 years, and more than 500,000 units were sold throughout the Eastern Bloc. Despite such great success, the project never had a real chance to make a name for itself outside the Soviet sphere of influence.

In 2014, after a break of more than 30 years, 366 Concept decided it was the right time for a comeback! After obtaining exclusive licensing rights, basing on the original drawings from the 1960s. we once again resurrected and put into production a forgotten Icon of Polish Design from the mid-20th century. Thanks to new technology, the visible screws connecting the leg and seat structure have been hidden by us - just as the designer dreamed 50 years ago. In addition, we have also introduced sofas, rocking chairs and tables modeled after the original design, designed in a contemporary manner and with respect for the original forms. We also created 366 Junior Armchair - a series of the iconic model dedicated to the youngest!

Thanks to this, today we can celebrate together the 60th birthday of the iconic 366 Armchair, which invariably impresses with its comfort and timeless design.
In our offer you will find a wide range of fabrics, colors and finishes, with which the spirit of the Mid-Century style will fill up your interior. 

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