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Le Ballu: a Fairy Tale
in the Land of Design

Le Ballu is an exceptional hotel and a true jem on the map of Paris. The concept of a premium hotel is interpreted in an extremely ravishing style – the interior design is far from the superficial and stereotypical perception of luxury esthetics. Behold the design icons, spiced with modern white matte marble and terrazzo.

Please, come in

Get into through the discreet entrance and feel the thrills of luxurious privacy. Walk through the door right into the lobby, vibrating with the colorful spirit of the retro style. But get ready: this will not be a usual foyer. Instead of a classical reception desk, you’ll have a restaurant located in the middle of the lobby. Enjoy a perfect combination of the 60s-inspired furniture, contemporary graphics, a game of colors and style paying tribute to the late modernism.

A few words about the interior…

The owners – Thomas and Julia Vidalenc, had designed the hotel by themselves. They wanted the refurbishment to stay in harmony with the rich history of the building. The hotel is furnished with pieces by talented designers from Central Europe from the 1960s and 1970s, including 366 Concept furniture: Fox Club armchairs with triangular coffee tables from the 366 series and 366 Junior armchairs designed by Józef Chierowski, arranged in a space decorated with works of Tauba Sarnaki – a painter of Polish origin. The lobby of the hotel is filled with interesting concepts and ideas.

Before Le Ballu became a hotel

The building itself is a unique monument created in 1891 at the initiative of the painter Charles Wilsin. It is one of the most interesting buildings of the Nouvelle Athènes district, inspired by the creative nature of this part of the city. It is now inhabited by artists, writers, musicians and actors. Later on, the tenement house was converted into offices. Today, Le Ballu takes you to a magical place that you could only find on the map of your dreamland.

366 Concept and Le Ballu: a remarkable design

The 366 Concept – Retro Furniture became a perfect complement to this retro-style space. After a meeting with Thomas at Maison et Objet in Paris. It turned out that the most important thing for both sides was the authenticity of furniture designs and architectural spaces. The fact that our furniture is 100% produced in Poland, resurrected with respect for copyright and under an exclusive license, was of great importance for the owners.

The fun story is that the project was, in a sense, run in reverse – we started by styling the interiors for a photo shoot that then turned into a full interior design project. There you can see our Fox armchairs in their olive version, Triangle 366 tables and 366 Junior rocking armchairs for children with a Shine Velvet upholstery fabric in Emerald and Indigo colours that perfectly fit the hues of the hotel’s restaurants and guest rooms. All the furniture is made of solid oak and ash wood in the colour caramel 03, dried for 7 years prior to the beginning of the manufacturing process.