Sitting Back with Almodovar: How the 366 Metal Armchair Found its Way into the Living Room Setting from “The Human Voice” Movie

A wonderful treat awaits every lover of good design and good cinema – the Yestersen shop has created a reconstruction of the living room from Pedro Almodovar’s film “The Human Voice”. This unique place will allow everyone to drift off into the magical world of scenography created in the image of the work by Antxón Gómez. it’s worth seeing, feeling and hearing (yes, there’s constant music in the background!) because it’s the only one in the world. And we were invited to it to faithfully reflect the living room from the film!

Scene from the movie “The Human Voice” (2020), Gutek Film

In the Yestersen stationary shop, thanks to the cooperation between yestersen and Gutek Film, a reconstruction of the living room from “The Human Voice” film was created. The interior design features furniture representing world design and Polish design legends. Including our beloved Design Icon – the 366 Metal armchair!

The Armchairs in fabric from the Boucle collection – in Denim with legs in Matt Brass – designed by J. Chierowski, were made especially for the arrangement by the366 Concept brand. The living room is illuminated by the famousPanthella 320 lamp designed by V. Panton from 1971, as well as colourful lamps from the TRN series by Pani Jurek.

The 366 Metal Armchair with metal legs and armrests is a secret project of Józef Chierowski with an unusual history. This model went into production under the number 300-129, which means that it was produced no earlier than 1960 and no later than 1961. However, the exact date of its creation is unknown. The language of abstraction characteristic for 1950s and 1960s design is much more evident in this Chierowskis seat design than in any other.

The design has all the fantasy that nostalgia and inspiration of the West could bring – it is worth remembering that the 1960s were a time of changes in stylistic and constructional nature and experimentation with new materials. It was the repeal of the Iron Curtain that caused an explosion of creative activities referring to abstract art and organic design. Examples of these events can be seen in the organic form of the legs, created from a material completely new to Chierowski, and in their composition based on the letter “A”, which was characteristic of design in the 1950s.