How to feel comfortable
in your living room?

Rule no.1

Invite warm and happy colours to your room. Having colours like red and orange evokes the feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Happy colours are bright: the brighter and lighter a colour, the happier and more optimistic it will make you feel. Another way colours can create happy emotions is by combining multiple primary and secondary colours together for a youthful, colourful effect.

Rule no.2

Make your seating arrangement easy to access. Space is important, you will need space between your table and sofa to feel comfortable in every situation. The idea is to make moving around your home easy – getting from the front door to comfy seating areas.

Rule no.3

Go crazy with soft textiles! Having a lot of rugs and cushions will help you fight against stress. Of course, if your sofa or/and armchair are made to perfection – of the softest fabrics, you are going to be fine without it, but we highly recommend getting some soft cushions.

Rule no.4

Try to stick to one design but try to personalise it. Add some unique paintings or plants to your living room. Ones of the trendiest interior design styles now are: Mid-Century, Maximalism or French Country. Get inspired with our Mid-Century Apartment and decide what you need to complete your living room.

Rule no.5

Don’t ignore your floor. Winters can be made warm and cozy by using carpets. Ceramic flooring gets cold faster and makes winters unbearable. Wooden flooring stays warmer but carpets offer the best heat insulation. Walking on the floor barefoot would not be advisable as it would make your feet rough and also apply pressure on the heels.

Rule no.6

Invite guests and just have great fun!

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