366 Concept x buro150: shop designer furniture and support Ukrainian artisans

Continuing our efforts to support Ukraine, we are launching a collaboration with Ukrainian brand buro150 and introducing their designer furniture to our offer. Starting from April 18, 2022 the range of furniture designed by buro150 will be available at our online store.

Buro150 is a Ukrainian furniture brand founded by Lisa and Vadym Borysenko in early 2013 in Kyiv. Holding on to one of the core Bauhaus ideas of form following function, a creative duo started by making wooden tables and slowly extended the range of their products to desks, seats and storage furniture.

During the 9 years of working in the furniture business buro150 have collaborated with many architects and interior designers, including Yana Molodykh, Emil Dervish, Rina Lovko and Natalie Dubrovska. In 2018 the Finn Storage System designed by buro150 got awarded with the Ukrainian Design Very Best Of Award in the category of furniture design. 

Their design story has just started to accelerate, but it was brutally interrupted by the Russian invasion.“We spent our first night of war in Kyiv in a bomb shelter. The next day we decided to go to a safer region in Ukraine. We don’t want to leave Ukraine, that is why we decided to find a shelter in Lviv. We know that we can be helpful here and want to stay” – says Vadym.

The Russian invasion now makes it impossible to conduct business for buro150 as well as many other businesses in Ukraine. They lost access to their workshop facility located in Kyiv Oblast not knowing when and if they will be able to return there, while most of their suppliers joined the volunteer movement or territorial defense forces. Moving their production facilities to Poland is a chance to keep their business alive and contribute to the Ukrainian economy.

“After a while, we accepted the new reality. We had to leave the business to which we dedicated 9 years of our lives and invested everything we could. We can’t do business as usual, and the situation won’t change soon. We want to continue our business and let our designs live, and the cooperation with 366 Concept is a new way to do so. It gives us hope and a viable possibility to help our country now and in the future” – says Lisa.

Since production in the regular buro150 facilities is no longer possible, 366 Concept will lead the production in Poland and represent buro150 on the European market, making their products available to the European clients. 366 Concept as well as their production facilities and suppliers are waiving their margins for the pre-order period to facilitate special prices for the individual clients and start the production in Poland.

“Until a month ago, Vadym and Lisa lived in Kyiv exactly as we do in Warsaw, but overnight their world collapsed. When they contacted us, we immediately knew that we wanted to help them. As colleagues from the design world, the best help we could offer them was to work together in a way they would still have a job and a living. This is how the idea of implementing their products in the EU by 366 Concept came to us” – says Maciek Cypryk, Co-founder of 366 Concept.

For starters, the range of the products will include Pilotis Shelving System, Samba Desk and Dining Tables. Shop designer pieces created by buro150 at and support Ukrainian artisans!