366 Concept & Forest Forever Foundation: Let Design and Nature Stay Together

In cooperation with the Forest Forever Foundation, we have been taking action to protect Polish forests for years. One of our joint activities was the initiative to buy back 4.5 hectares of valuable and beautiful forest in Wytrzyszczka.

Since the beginning of our activities, our main goal has been to take action to reduce our negative impact on the environment and to make our work sustainable at every stage. Thanks to various pro-environmental initiatives, we give back what has been taken from nature, and thus Polish forests gain a second life.

In 2017-2018, we collaborated with the Gaja Foundation to plant new forests. One year later, we began joint activities with the Forever Forest Foundation, and in 2021 we planted the first Forever Forest together. From the beginning of our cooperation with the Foundation, we wanted not only to plant new forests, but also to save them from being cut down. In 2022 we succeeded, and together with Bycie w Lesie Association, the local Wspólny Las Association and the Forest Forever Foundation, we saved 4.5 hectares of over 100-year-old forest in Wytrzyszczka.

Set in a picturesque ravine, crisscrossed by streams and featuring magnificent specimens of native trees, the forest located in southern Poland, which was a 'natural wonder' for the local community, was put up for sale in 2019.

In order to save the forest's natural habitat and old-growth forest, it was essential to preserve it in its original, intact form, and this came into question when it went up for sale. The money raised during the collection organized by pro-environmental foundations was not enough to save this "wonder of nature" from being cut down.

At this stage, 366 Concept came with help together with the Forest Forever Foundation. Thanks to our financial support, the forest in Wytrzyszczka was purchased by the Foundation, and then legally secured from logging - forever. Law regulations prevent the sale of the forest, logging and any economic activities in the forest.

In April 2023 the official opening of a nature and recreation path in the Forever Common Forest took place, where, among other things, various activities will be held for children from local schools. However, this is not the end of 366 Concept's cooperation with the Forest Forever Foundation. For 366 Concept, the protection of valuable forest land has remained an unchanging priority since the beginning. Our goal is to continue to prevent massive, large-scale logging that exposes valuable ecosystems to a range of unfavorable conditions. Together with the Forest Forever Foundation, we plan to protect additional hectares of valuable forest in 2023, so that future generations can enjoy diverse ecosystems whose value is priceless.

The Forest Forever Foundation is currently working to amend legislation to allow the creation of a private "reserve" and for such an area to be legally protected by the state. If this is successful, the rescued forests will gain status of Nature Reserve.

Because good design is sustainable design!